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« I found the service very fast. Within 30 minutes of my call, the team was already there with Léa-Rose at the hospital, ready to go. You feel really safe with Airmedic’s medical staff.»

 - Nancy, Léa-Rose's mother

Gaston Dubé

« I want to thank the Airmedic staff for how fast they got there after my ATV accident on October 17 at Lac du Lièvre. I’m especially grateful to paramedic Émilie Gagné and nurse Nathalie Gauthier for their great care and encouragement. They’re real professionals! » 

- Gaston Dubé

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« Our daughter Frédérique is still with us and able to have fun with her friends at school thanks to Airmedic. A fast transfer between hospitals saved her life. She had an E. coli infection, and without Airmedic she would never have made it. »

- Michel, Frédérique's father

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« If it weren’t for Airmedic, I would have been dead at 59. Speed made all the difference. They got there just before my heart attack, so there was no permanent damage to my heart. Consider me a lifetime Airmedic member! »

- Claude Grondin