Airmedic iPhone App Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an Airmedic customer to use the iPhone app?

The app is for use by Airmedic subscribers, but you can test it for 30 days if you are not yet subscribed to our services. Of course, if you don't have Airmedic coverage and call our emergency helicopter services, you will be billed for our services at the current hourly rates.

Are Airmedic rescue services provided free of charge during the app trial period?

No. Only those with Airmedic coverage can take advantage of our air medical services free of charge. Review our annual and temporary coverage plans online and subscribe now!

Why must I enter my phone number in the app Profile page?

When an emergency call is triggered the app sends a text message (SMS) with your profile information to our emergency call center. This speeds up the rescue operation and identification process. In accordance with Apple's operating rules, the app cannot automatically retrieve this information from your device. That's why you must enter it manually.

Does the app work in the province's Far North?

You must have access to a cellular network to make an emergency call. The app, however, can obtain your GPS coordinates, which you can communicate to the emergency call center if you have access to an alternative means of communication (landline phone, satellite phone, IP telephony).

Does Airmedic confirm by phone before dispatching a rescue mission?

A rescue mission is only dispatched after a phone or text message conversation with the Airmedic emergency call center.

Can I install the app on my iPad or iPod?

The app is designed only for the iPhone and is compatible with operating system iOS 5.0 or higher. It requires a GPS system and a mechanism for cellular communications (voice or SMS).

What do I do if I trigger an alert by accident?

Remain on the line and tell the operator that it's a false alarm.

Is there a usage fee?

The app can be used for free. Standard telecommunications charges apply depending on your cell phone plan.

Can the app locate me?

The app uses GPS signals detected by your device to locate you. You can check your position using the Localization function in the app navigation menu. Location precision may vary, and frequent use of the app yields more accurate results.

Can the app locate me without my permission?

No. When you launch the app for the first time you must authorize it to locate you. Thereafter your coordinates will be sent upon your request only. Airmedic can only locate you if you trigger an alert.

Why do I have to manually send a text message (SMS) with my coordinates?

The Apple and iOS environment doesn't allow you to send automatic text messages (SMS). The app sends the information in the Profile tab, as well as your GPS coordinates. Do not change the message, otherwise the emergency call system will reject it.

How do I know if the alert I triggered was received by the emergency call center?

After sending the text message with your coordinates, you will quickly receive back a confirmation message, assuming you are still connected to a cellular network

Will you tell me the approximate time of arrival of the emergency rescue team?

When you contact the emergency call center, the operator will be able to give you specific information about the operation.

Is there an Airmedic app for Android or Blackberry devices?

For the time being only the iOS platform is supported. To express your interest in other options, email us at