Hospital  Services

Airmedic PC-12 NG Pilatus*


      • Pratt & Whitney turbine known worldwide for its reliability
      • Also used as air ambulances by Ornge (Ontario) and the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
      • Nonstop flying range of approximately 2,900 km allowing to fly nonstop between northern communities and major urban centers
      • Able to land on and take off from very short and unpaved runways (grass, gravel)
      • Max cruise speed : 519 km/h
      • Designed to operate in harsh winter conditions
      • Large 52 in x 53 in cargo door
      • Supplied with state-of-the-art medical equipment 
      • Spacious interior making it easier to care for patients
      • Satellite communication system - cockpit and cabin


* Operated under Private Air's licence

Six excellent reasons

why you should entrust the transportation of your patients to us

1. We are always available

Airmedic is the only company in Quebec offering helicopter and air ambulance medical services exclusively. Our aircraft and crew are permanently assigned to interhospital transferts.

2. We honour our commitments

We are committed to transporting your patients quickly and safely using the best equipment and the best staff.

3. We are experts

Our crews include a pilot, a copilot, and two nurses with specialized training in emergency and intensive care. All receive training in aeromedical care (140 hour program).

4. We act as quickly as possible

Since we have a response team dedicated permanently to interhospital transferts, we are able to take off in a very competitive response time.

5. We use planes custom designed for our work

Airmedic flies three Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, two of which are new and were configured by the manufacturer as air ambulances according to the industry's highest standards. The PC-12's flight range allows us to fly nonstop between northern communities and major urban centers.

6. We are never too far away

Airmedic boasts eleven bases accross Quebec in Saint-Hubert, Beloeil, Tremblant, Quebec, Saguenay, Sherbrooke, Chibougamau, Manouanis, Radisson, Val-d'Or and Sept-Iles.

* Operated under Private Air's licence. 


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