Individual Services

Service aux particuliers

Who needs Airmedic?

Think Airmedic is just for extreme sports buffs? Think again! Airmedic is for everyone. Because you never know when you could have an accident or illness that requires emergency care, Airmedic guarantees a fast, effective response anywhere in Quebec. It's sensible protection for you, your parents, your children, and your friends.

Why become an Airmedic member?

Airmedic services are for the exclusive use of Airmedic customers. This means that valid coverage is required before you can receive rescue services. Your Airmedic annual membership guarantees you emergency helicopter medical assistance without charge anywhere in Quebec, and there are no restrictions on the number of emergency interventions you are entitled to. 

Annual membership is the only protection that covers the entire province of Quebec. Temporary coverage is only valid south of the 51st parallel.

The only service of its kind in Quebec

Airmedic provides helicopter and airborne emergency medical services. With operational bases or dynamic deployment (Saint-Hubert, Beloeil, Mont-Tremblant, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Saint-Honoré, (Saguenay), Chibougamau, Radisson, Sept-Îles, Val-d'Or and Manouanis) Airmedic is positioned to intervene quickly throughout Quebec.

Types of coverage

Individual annual coverage $120
Couple annual coverage     $220
Family annual coverage
2 adults + children living at the same address $250
1 adult + children living at the same address $150
Individual temporary coverage - valid only south of the 51st parallel

7 days $50
14 days $75

When do we intervene ?

Airmedic intervenes when the time it takes to receive care could influence your chances of survival or future condition.  See detailed intervention criteria.

Evacuation instructions

There are prerequisites to facilitate the evacuation by helicopter.  See the instructions.