when do we intervene?

Service aux particuliers


Airmedic intervenes when the time it takes to receive care could influence your chances of survival or future condition. The decision is made by our operations coordinator based on a number of factors, including :

  • The nature and gravity of the medical emergency (see list below) 
  • Whether or not the location is accessible by land
  • The need for transportation to a specialized hospital 
  • A comparison of the travel time for a land ambulance vs. a helicopter or plane 
  • Weather conditions, etc.
  • People waiting for organs, please see the FAQ section.

Intervention criteria

The following are examples of conditions that justify intervention by helicopter or plane:

  • Location inaccessible by land
  • Pre-hospital index (PHI) equal to or higher than 4
  • Head injury with altered level of consciousness
  • Respiratory distress
  • Unconsciousness
  • Unstable vital signs
  • Burns to over 15% of the body or airways compromised by burns
  • Severe penetrating injury to the thorax, abdomen, back, neck, or head
  • Amputation of a major extremity
  • Glasgow Coma Scale score of 10 or lower
  • Imprisonment (e.g., a person trapped in a vehicle following an accident)