AgustaWestland 109GrandNew


Airmedic boasts a fleet of six aircraft: two Pilatus airplanes, one KingAir 100 and three helicopters.  
The aircraft are deployed from bases in Val-D'Or and Chibougamau Sept-Ïles. The AW109GrandNew helicopters are based in Beloeil and Quebec, while an EC130 B4 is assigned to the base of Saguenay. The Pilatus has a maximum speed of 530 km/h and can hold up to six passengers, including two on stretchers. The helicopters can transport up to four passengers, including one on a stretcher. The AW109SP is both more powerful and faster than the B4 (287km/h), allowing it to reach speeds of up to 320 km/h. The operation of aircraft is performed by Private Air inc., Capitale Hélicoptère and Airmedic inc.


Some crew from Airmedic.


Each helicopter crew is made up of a pilot, a nurse and a flight paramedic. Our aircraft crews assigned to interhospital transfers are made up of a pilot, a co-pilot and two flight nurses. All members of the nursing and paramedical team receive specialized training in aeronautic emergency care.

Pilatus PC-12 NG configuration

Medical Equipment

Our two new Pilatus PC-12 NG are supplied with state-of-the-art medical equipment and satellite communication system.
Onboard medical equipment includes defibrillator monitors*, external cardiac stimulators, incubator, infusion pumps*, syringe pumps (single and double)*, immobilization vacuum mattresses and vacuum splints, respirators,* and emergency care kits: ventilators, IVs, and complete pharmacy kits; trauma kits, obstetrics/childbirth kits, and other equipment. Some specialized equipment provided by hospitals is also used to address specific needs.

 * Equipment certified for flight
After receiving a distress call from our call center, a response team mobilizes for takeoff. Once on site, the rescue team secures and stabilizes the patient while providing the necessary emergency care. En route to the most appropriate hospital—not necessarily the closest—the crew is in continuous contact with hospital personnel. Through the speed and quality of our response, we strive to apply the “golden hour” principle to ensure the best possible outcome for patients.
Speed can save lives