stephan Huot

Stephan Huot, Airmedic Inc.’s shareholder, leaped at the opportunity in April 2012 to be part of the first company providing helicopter and airplane emergency medical services in Quebec.

Huot is a well-known member of the Quebec City area business community with a passion for flying. As a veteran helicopter pilot who has flown the length and breadth of Québec several times over, he has a first-hand understanding of the risks when accidents strike in remote areas. When he met the founding president of Airmédic Air Ambulance, François Rivard, Huot immediately offered to bring his financial resources and vision to the table. The result was a whole new venture, Airmedic Inc.

“Getting the chance to combine my passion for flying with a good cause—saving lives—was a huge motivating factor for me,” said Huot at the Airmedic launch. “I’m proud to do my part to help get airplane and helicopter medical services up and running in Quebec. It’s important for the entire province, and especially for remote areas with little or no road access.”

Stephan Huot is founding president of Société de Placements Huot, which employs over 250 people through subsidiaries such as Société Immobilière Huot, Groupe Transrapide, Millénum Construction, Capitale Hélicoptère, and GoHelico.

Always on the lookout for ways to give back to the community, Huot served as president of honor of Fondation des Auberges du Cœur for several years and has long been a big donor to Centraide. Société de Placements Huot is a major partner of Collège du Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy’s football team and La Relève football school.