Airmedic To the Rescue

Monday 26 September, 2016

St-Hubert, September 26, 2016 – Airmedic deployed two Augusta 109 GN helicopters to the Rivière-Mouchalagane region between Manic-5 and Fermont to rescue the survivor of an air accident which occurred yesterday.

One of the accident victims was an Airmedic member. Following a call to the Airmedic Emergency Call Centre from a third party, a primary aircraft was dispatched from the Saguenay Operations Centre to the site. The St-Hubert Operations Centre then sent a second support helicopter with specialized equipment for night flights which was needed to transport the victims to hospital.

“When an Airmedic member is involved in an accident, the company takes charge of the rescue. In this case, the work was a collaboration between Airmedic, the Sûreté du Québec and the Canadian Armed Forces. To ensure the success of the mission, Airmedic coordinated the deployment of a Canadian Armed Forces helicopter and Hercules plane” says Airmedic’s Vice President Marketing and Communications, Aziz Fikri. The Sureté du Québec also dispatched a helicopter to the accident.

Near 6:30, a helicopter was sent from the Saguenay Operations Centre. The members of the Medical Team performed a “hover exit” to provide medical care at the site of the incident as landing was not possible due to the rough terrain of the location. The aircraft returned to the Manouanis Base in the meantime, leaving the Medical Team to care for the victim.

The onsite Airmedic personnel stabilized the victim and gave them tranquilizers as well as first aid. The members of the Medical Team took charge of the patient who was suffering from severe burns and was in very critical condition. The nurses rapidly used up their supplies of medication including Fentanyl, fluids and oxygen.

“A request was made of the Canadian Armed Forces to send medics but the rough terrain was too dangerous and they decided that a parachute operation was impossible” adds Fikri.

After analyzing the situation, the option to rescue the patient from a hover was no longer feasible. The area’s rough terrain and the lack of ground resources meant that the patient could not be lifted into the helicopter. As the rescue operation progressed into the night, the level of risk increased.

The Airmedic team opted therefore to use a winch from the Canadian Armed Forces to raise the victim and the two members of the Airmedic medical team onboard the Army Cormorant which then took them to the hospital in Sept-Iles.

Once the patient was stabilized, the decision was made to transfer the patient to the Hôpital Enfants- Jésus in Quebec City. Airmedic scrambled one of its Pilatus NG planes carrying specialized equipment, two nurses, a Respiratory Therapist and a Doctor.

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Airmedic offers helicopter and air ambulance medical services and interhospital transfers. Founded in May 2012 with the financial support of Stéphan Huot, the company now has a staff of over 120 and provides service across Quebec. Since it was founded, Airmedic has performed over 1,990 rescue missions.

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