Our Certifications

Airmedic is the only private company in Quebec that offers emergency airborne medical services. They are also the only company that has earned several certifications from Transport Canada, recognizing their service excellence and their respect for Canadian regulatory requirements.

Night vision goggles

Airmedic pilots are equipped with the ANVIS 9 night vision system when performing rescue missions in complete darkness. The ANVIS 9 night vision goggles amplify light thousands of times, making even the dimmest of areas visible. With this sophisticated technology, Airmedic pilots can land anywhere and at any time, provided that the weather conditions are favourable.
In an emergency situation, these goggles can make all the difference.



how it works

  • The lens captures the available ambient light;
  • The photons are then converted into electrons;
  • An amplification tube multiplies the number of electrons 2,500 to 10,000 times;
  • The electrons hit a phosphorus green screen, which then releases the photon and the light is then amplified.

characteristics and advantages

  • High resolution image;
  • Exceptional reliability;
  • Vertical and front/rear tilt settings;
  • Adapted for everyone’s use.

Accreditation canada

Accreditation Canada has granted Airmedic its ‘’Accreditation Primer’’, recognizing the quality and safety of its services.
Airmedic is the first private business in Quebec that is specialized in emergency medical rescue to receive this certification.

Transport Canada

Airmedic has also obtained Transport Canada’s charter for helicopter operations. In January 2015, Transport Canada granted Airmedic a charter for night flights and certified that all elements of its operation comply with regulatory requirements.