Corporate medical emergency services

As an employer, we understand that the safety of your employees is a main consideration. For this reason, it is important to provide your employees with a rapid and efficient medical rescue service in the case of workplace accidents or injuries. Airmedic’s exclusive protection and corporate packages are designed for organizations that recognize the risk of conducting their businesses in remote areas, where medical centers are hard to come by. In providing you with our trusted medical rescue service, we can give you peace of mind.

Airmedic helps businesses abide by law C-45

Our emergency airborne medical services are specifically designed to make organizations that conduct their businesses in remote areas comply with the Federal Government of Canada’s Law C-45. This law creates new legal obligations relating to health and safety in the workplace. Businesses in violation of the legal requirements set forth by the law risk severe legal repercussions if death or injury occur in the workplace.

Businesses must have measures that protect their employees in situations where they perform tasks at a high elevation, in enclosed areas, with electrical devices or dangerous substances, etc. Airmedic helps businesses reduce the risks of medical complications and death given the speed offered by their air ambulance service.

Protection for Businesses

Site protection covers employees and visitors on your site who require emergency medical care. This protection is limited, covering a defined area.

Group protection covers your employees during work hours. This type of protection is ideal for organizations that deploy their work teams to areas located throughout the province and offers extended coverage when employees are required to travel between sites. Employees who benefit from Airmedic coverage may also request that members of their family also be insured. Contact Airmedic Customer Services at 1 866 673-3838 and a preferential rate will be offered to protect your loved ones at all times throughout the province.

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