Interhospital transportation

Available throughout Quebec, Airmedic offers specialized transfer services from hospitals and provides full support throughout the entirety of the transfer. Our fully trained medical staff can provide critical emergency and neonatal care using specialized equipment onboard our helicopters and planes.

Interhospital Transportation Service

*Airmedic manages its procedures based on several medical and operational criteria. Only Airmedic decides on the deployment of its rescues.

Neonatal Transfer Service

Airmedic is the only private company to offer neonatal transportation services with all required medical equipment carried onboard.

Inflight medical equipment

All Airmedic equipment is flight certified and meets the strictest standards for medical equipment. Emergency medical kits and all necessary materials are carried onboard our air ambulances for each transportation.


Our helicopters and planes are equipped with

  • defibrillator monitors;*
  • external cardiac stimulators;
  • infusion pumps;*
  • syringe pumps;*
  • immobilization vacuum mattresses and vacuum splints;
  • Hamilton T1 Respirator;*
  • Fully adapted neonatal transportation incubator for planes and helicopters.

Emergency care kits

  • ventilators
  • IVs and complete pharmacy kits
  • * Equipment certified for flight To request an interhospital or neonatal transfer, call us now!