Our mission: Helping to preserve and save lives

Our emergency Medical Team’s mission is to provide rapid response and care to all Airmedic members by providing plane and helicopter transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility. Snowmobiling and ATV accidents, falls while skiing, heart attacks, food allergies and head traumas… since 2012, Airmedic has helped save the lives of over 2,000 people thanks to our rapid response.

Personal medical emergency services

When an accident or injury requires emergency transportation to a specialized hospital, Airmedic protection can make all the difference specially if you are in a remote area.


Corporate medical emergency services

When companies that operate their businesses far from hospitals are concerned about the safety of their employees, Airmedic provides the protection they need. Our protection services ensure rapid and efficient medical care for workplace accidents and injuries.

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Interhospital transportation

Airmedic facilitates transfers between hospitals of patients that are in need of urgent and specialized care. Airmedic’s air ambulances perform these interhospital transfers across all of Quebec.

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Night vision goggles

Designed by Exelis, the ANVIS 9 night vision system allows Airmedic’s pilots to conduct rescue missions in complete darkness. These goggles are able to amplify light thousands of times, making dark areas visible even in the dimmest of light.

Accreditation Canada

Airmedic is the only private company dedicated to providing airborne emergency medical services in Quebec. Due to the quality and the safety of its services, Airmedic has obtained its Accreditation by Canada’s ‘’Accreditation Primer’’.

Transport Canada

Airmedic complies with Transport Canada’s regulatory requirements including those of the Program Validation Inspections (PVIs). This inspection certifies the company’s quality and operational control. Airmedic has also obtained Transport Canada’s charter for night flights.

Our Operation Bases

Our bases are strategically located throughout Quebec. You will therefore benefit from our rescue team’s rapid response no matter where you might find yourself. We are the only company in Quebec that operates its helicopters and planes exclusively as air ambulances. Our night vision goggles allow us to perform emergency airborne medical evacuations, day and night. In the case of an accident or a serious injury, a person’s chances of survival are increased if they receive care immediately after the trauma occurred. Airmedic’s rapid response minimizes the odds of health complications and death.