Our partners

We are pleased to announce our partners. Airmedic protection is invaluable because it contributes to saving lives. Thank you to all our partners for their loyalty.



Airmedic has developed a service offer for Controlled Activity Zones (ZECs), covering an area of 50,000 km2. These ZECs cover the areas used by 500,000 hunting, fishing and outdoors enthusiasts every year. ZEC managers care about the safety of their clientele. “Airmedic Certified” ZECS provide free guaranteed emergency airborne medical rescue in the case of illness or injury requiring emergency care.

Insurance Companies

La Capitale assurances générales
On February 1, 2013, Airmedic and La Capitale General Insurance concluded a partnership to provide La Capitale policyholders with Airmedic protection at a reduced or no cost.

Free membership
La Capitale provides Airmedic Family Protection at no cost for policyholders with boat, secondary residence, snowmobile, quad AND another life or automobile insurance product.

$81 preferential membership rate.
La Capitale provides Airmedic Family Protection at $81 (plus tax) for all its policyholders with car, home or recreational vehicle insurance.

Are you insured with La Capitale?
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