In an emergency situation, Airmedic protection can save your life

No one is safe from accident or injury. Our rescue services are reserved for our members. To benefit from our emergency airborne medical services, you must become a member. Airmedic protection offers emergency airborne medical rescue, at no cost, anywhere in Quebec. As a member, there is never a limit on the number of emergency rescues that we can provide you with.

Eight Reasons to Become an Airmedic Member

Complete Responsibility

We take complete responsibility of your medical needs as soon as our team arrives on site and we continue do so until you reach a hospital that is suited to deal with your particular condition.

Specialized Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team Experienced and trained in airborne medical procedures

24/7 Emergency Call Centre

Access to the Emergency Call Centre 24/7/365 anywhere in Quebec. Our Emergency Call Centre is staffed with nurses.

Exclusive: Night vision goggles

Our pilots are trained to perform rescues in complete darkness using night vision goggles.

Exclusively Dedicated Emergency Medical Rescue Fleet

Our planes and helicopters are exclusively reserved for emergency rescues.

All of Quebec

Our air bases are strategically located to deploy our emergency teams across the entire province.

Rapid and Secure Transportation

Our fleet of cutting edge aircrafts are maintained by a team of specialized technicians to ensure complete safety, speed and efficiency.

Aircraft Specially Configured for Air Ambulance Transportation

Our helicopters and planes are specifically designed as air ambulances and are always equipped with cutting edge medical technology.

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Hélène Aubin

Time is Critical in an Emergency

When you are far from an urban centre, either due travel or outdoor activities, your Airmedic protection is essential in the case of an accident or an injury. Airmedic will rapidly arrive onsite and provide you with emergency transportation to a hospital. Airmedic is also equipped to provide you with prehospital care required by your medical condition.

Rescue Process

1 Emergency Call Centre

The Emergency Call Centre Coordinator gathers all the information necessary to evaluate the transportation request. This includes the nature of the problem and the medical needs associated with your condition. Geolocation data is also sent to establish a primary deployment plan.

2 Preparing the Flight Crew

As soon as a mission is launched, the pilot creates a preliminary flight plan according to the information provided by the Coordinator. They assess the feasibility of the mission given the weather conditions. The assigned medical team then prepares the medical equipment that may be required once they arrive onsite to take complete control over the situation. Throughout the team’s preparation and during the transportation period, the Coordinator continues to monitor the member to ensure the events proceed properly. This also allows for the preparation of onboard medical equipment.

3 Arrival Onsite and Taking control of the member’s condition.

When they arrive onsite, the medical team will assess your health and make the appropriate diagnosis. The nursing staff and the paramedical ambulance technician will work together to stabilize you and provide you with the care your condition requires. This care will continue throughout your transportation to the appropriate hospital. Should your state of health require advanced medical expertise, the onsite team will contact a specialist doctor to guide and supervise the nursing staff’s actions.

4 During the Flight: Prehospital Emergency Care

During the transportation period, the medical team will provide you with the care that your condition requires. During this period, the medical intervention team collects the information needed in order to select the most appropriate hospital. Instability criteria and priority of care are both taken into consideration. Once a decision is made, the Coordinator will be responsible with contacting the receiving institution.

5 Arrival at the Most Appropriate Hospital According to Your Medical Condition

Once they arrive onsite, the medical intervention team will be responsible for your admittance to the receiving hospital. Collaboration between the Airmedic medical team and hospital employees is initiated to ensure that the proper information is transmitted concerning the condition of the patient and the medical care that has already been provided.

Our Partners

We are pleased to provide our members with additional benefits thanks to our partnerships with several organizations. This includes a reduced Airmedic membership rate for La Capitale policyholders. Several Quebec ZECs and outfitters are also Airmedic members given that they are dedicated to ensuring the safety of their employees and their clients. Our partners help us save thousands of lives.

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