Eight Reasons to Become an Airmedic Member

Complete Responsibility

We take complete responsibility of your medical needs as soon as our team arrives on site and we continue do so until you reach a hospital that is suited to deal with your particular condition.

Specialized Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team Experienced and trained in airborne medical procedures

24/7 Emergency Call Centre

Access to the Emergency Call Centre 24/7/365 anywhere in Quebec. Our Emergency Call Centre is staffed with nurses.

Exclusive: Night vision goggles

Our pilots are trained to perform rescues in complete darkness using night vision goggles.

Exclusively Dedicated Emergency Medical Rescue Fleet

Our planes and helicopters are exclusively reserved for emergency rescues.

All of Quebec

Our air bases are strategically located to deploy our emergency teams across the entire province.

Rapid and Secure Transportation

Our fleet of cutting edge aircrafts are maintained by a team of specialized technicians to ensure complete safety, speed and efficiency.

Aircraft Specially Configured for Air Ambulance Transportation

Our helicopters and planes are specifically designed as air ambulances and are always equipped with cutting edge medical technology.

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Airmedic: your safety partner for all of your activities

Hunting and fishing

Airmedic: An experienced team with certified skills

As soon as a call is received at the Airmedic Emergency Call Centre, specially trained medical staff and pilots are mobilized to provide assistance. Airmedic takes complete control of the situation. You will be transported by helicopter or by plane to the closest hospital that is equipped to treat your particular medical condition. Airmedic is the only private company in Quebec with a fleet of air ambulances. Their members are also the only ones to be equipped with night vision goggles, which provide them the ability to navigate in complete darkness. You can count on us—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

“If it wasn’t for Airmedic, I’d be dead at the age of 59. Their speed made all the difference. They arrived just before my heart attack. They kept me from have further cardiac complications. I’m now a lifetime Airmedic member.”

- Mr. Claude Grondin

“Luckily we had Airmedic. Without their emergency repsonse team, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be alive today after my ATV accident.”

- Ms. Hélène Aubin

“The service was amazingly fast. Barely thirty minutes after calling, the team was beside Léa-Rose at the hospital and ready to leave. The Airmedic personnel makes you feel safe.”

- Nancy, mother of Léa-Rose

“I’d like to thank the Airmedic personnel for the speed of their service following my ATV accident on October 17 at Lac du Lièvre. I’d like to thank paramedical ambulance technician Émilie Gagné and my nurse, Nathalie Gauthier in particular for the care I received and for their encouragement. They were true professionals.”

- Gaston Dubé